Taboo - "Transm1t" music video feat. the Kinjaz

I directed this video with the talented French filmmaker, Nico Mengin.  I grew up listening to the Blacked Eyed Peas so collaborating with Taboo was unreal.  It was the first video I directed that was centered around choreography so I relied on the Kinjaz expertise while filming.  Timing is critical in dance so I also consulted with the Kinjaz while in post production.

Directed by Gavin Filipiak + Nico Mengin, Edited by Gavin Filipiak.  Produced by Christiaan Mikey.  Choreography by the Kinjaz.  Some BTS photos below.

Taboo Live Show Visuals for the American Cancer Society's Puerto Rico Concert

Shortly after we finished the "Transm1t" music video Taboo hired me to put together some visuals for a ACS concert in Puerto Rico.  The concert was important to Tab because he's a cancer survivor himself.  I hired motion graphics artist Arley Cornell and teamed up with Nico Mengin to edit a series of videos that would accompany his set list.

Edited by Gavin Filipiak + Nico Mengin.  Motion graphics by Arley Cornell.

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