Live streaming shows need intro sequences too

I love the art of a great title sequence.  But I’m also grateful for Netflix’s “skip intro” feature.  A lot of title sequences are too long and generally serve a one-time purpose.  However, for shows that are streamed live on Twitch or Facebook, an intro is highly functional.  If a live stream is set to start at a specific time, a significant percentage of viewers will tune in early.  Data tells us that those viewers are more likely to stay if there’s some sort of countdown on the screen; it grabs their attention and tells them they’re in the right place.  An intro video is then used to transition from the countdown to the live stream.  This video is used to signal both the audience and on-camera talent that the live stream is beginning.  

So, why not make that intro video slick?  I collaborated with Motion Graphics Artist and Designer, James Camanyag, and Producer, Daniel Olson, on this Live Stream Intro for MLB The Show 20 featuring Javier Báez.  It was a fun challenge to make an asset that serves an unfamiliar purpose and for a platform that’s evolving fast.

Pfizer Oncology Videos

The scientists at Pfizer La Jolla are some of the most brilliant and caring people I’ve gotten to film.  It was humbling to hear how hard they work and how much failure they endure before they finally succeed in discovering and developing cancer therapies.  For this project, I was hired to direct the photography of scientist interviews, campus B-Roll, a LinkedIn Live-like video and a series of social media videos called “60 Seconds with a Scientist”.  Some of the videos are featured here:

Urban Surf 4 Kids + Capital One

Teenager John Culpepper has had a tough childhood.  He grew up separated from his parents and has lived in numerous foster homes and homeless shelters.  Although John has suffered through a lot of trauma, he maintains the strength and desire to succeed.  His magnetic personality caught the attention of  Capital One and nonprofit organization, Urban Surf 4 Kids.  Together, they flew John from Arizona to San Diego to experience surf therapy, a recent development in psychotherapy treatment that is being prescribed by doctors in the UK and other European countries.  I flew out to Pheonix to film his journey to La Jolla Shores where he caught his first wave and met with mentors.  This has been one of the more fulfilling projects I’ve worked on in the last few months and I loved being part of John’s experience surfing for the first time. 

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